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Ever wanted variable intermittent on your wipers? Ever get annoyed that every time you wash the screen, the wipers smear it 4 times? Well you can fix both of these things by changing the wash/wipe relay. Also applies to Exige V6, and 350 Sport. (Be sure to change the lower relay not the upper Flasher relay on the 350 Sport)

Sourcing the improved relay

Various part numbers have been put forward as replacements. Obtaining new relays is possible but the majority can be found from the local breakers yard:

  • Beru: 0 900 301 082
  • Kostal: 377 955 531
  • Bosch: 0 986 335 058
  • VW: 3B0955531 ................. has 197 printed on the top, info from Audi/VW dealer - replaces VW: 357 955 531 (type 99 below)
  • www.gsfcarparts.com pt no 93610
  • OPEL 12 38 550
  • SAAB 85 53 463
  • VW 191 955 531 ................. believed to be the standard type 19 relay
  • VW 357 955 531 ................. the type 99 relay
  • VW 321 955 531 A ............... (sourced one from theairflowmetercompany on ebay and it didnt do anything different, had no VW logo, just part number and circuit diagram printed on it, possibly a duff clone)
  • LIEBHERR 1 001 443 3
  • JOHN DEERE AZ 49 989
  • HAKO 90-35730-2
  • KRAMER 100 010 51 46
  • HYMER 0416073
  • Hella 5WG 003 620-021
  • Use these part numbers at your own risk!
  • Some certainly aren't quite the correct relays, some are!!

MK3 Golf

Mk3 Golf

One of the replacement relays known to work is from the MK3 Golf.

VW part no. 3B0955531 works, has 197 printed on top. Costs £30.97+VAT new.

Going price from a breakers yard is around £5. Most breakers yards will have a number of Mk3 golfs, and the correct relay can also be found in lots of different VWs (usually the higher spec cars) dating from the mid '90s. In the golf, the relays (and fuses) are behind a plastic panel under the steering wheel, above the drivers footwell. You can just pull the relay out.

There are two common relays you'll find in the cars. The WRONG one has the number '19' printed on the top of it in big white numbers. This is really no different from the original lotus relay, and no upgrade at all. The CORRECT relay has the number '99' or '197' printed on it. This is what you need to find. The '99' or '197' relay is usually found in higher spec cars, and the '19' relay in lower spec cars.

Known not to work: MEYLE Wipe Wash Interval Relay 100 830 0014 MK3 . This part is listed as a replacement for Bosch 0 986 335 058 and for VW 330955531.


New relay in place in the Elise, looking up from the footwell

The relay is situated up underneath the dashboard in the passenger footwell of the Elise. It takes approximately 30 seconds to change it, no tools required, although some gymnastic ability is helpful!

To fit it, you need to get your head down into the footwell looking up at the back of the dash-front. Up there (as shown above) are a couple of relays. Pull out the one which looks the right shape, and check that the pin pattern is the same. Push in the '99' relay and the job's done. If you're unsure which relay is for the indicators and which is for the wipers, turn on the hazard lights. You'll be able to hear the indicator relay working.

Now when you wash the screen, it'll wipe just twice, and you'll have variable intermittent.

To use the Variable intermittent, flick the wiper stalk to wipe the screen once. Then wait for period of time "x" and put the stalk to intermittent setting. The intermittent delay between wipes will now be "x". Easy.

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