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Wiring Colours

These apply to MG cars, but there are some parallels with the Elise s1 at least - hopefully might prove useful!

Wire colours as referred to on the circuit diagrams in the service manuals:

  • B= Black
  • N=Brown
  • R=Red
  • O=Orange
  • Y=Yellow
  • G=Green
  • U=Blue
  • P=Purple
  • LG=Light Green
  • K=Pink
  • S=Slate
  • W=White

Naming convention:

UR = Blue wire with red stripe RU = Red wire with a blue stripe

Some occurences (check against service notes, some will be irrelevant and MG specific)

Component Wire
Alternator or Generator (B), N,(NG),NY
(Alternator or Generator Control Box) (B, N,NG,NY)
Batteries B,N
Starter Solenoid N, (WR), (WY) R, N, NR
Starter B B
Lighting Switch N,(R),(RG),U
(Dip Switch pre '67) U,UR,UW
RH Headlamp B, UR,UW B,UB,UY
LH Headlamp B,UR,UW B,UB,UY
Full/High Beam Warning Lamp B,UW B,UW
R.H. Front Parking Lamp B,R B,RG
L.H. Front Parking Lamp B,R B,RB
(Panel Lamp Switch or Dimmer '68 on) (R,RW)
Panel Lamps B,RW
Number Plate Lamps B,R
R.H. Stop/Tail Lamp B,G,GP,R
L.H. Stop/Tail Lamp B,G,GP,R
Stop Lamp Switch G,GP P,GP
Fuse Block N,G,P,(R),(RG),W
Courtesy or Map Lamp (B),P,PW
RH Door Switch B,PW
LH Door Switch B,PW
Horn(s) P,PB
Horn Switch B,PB
Direction Flasher Unit G,LGN
Column Flasher/Dip/Horn Switch B,GR,GW,LGN,P,U,UR,UW
Flasher Indicator Lamp G,GR or GW
RH Front Flasher Lamp B,GW B,GW
LH Front Flasher Lamp B,GR B,GR
RH Rear Flasher Lamp B,GW B,GW
LH Rear Flasher Lamp B,GR B,GR
Blower Motor Switch G,GY
Blower Motor B,GY
Fuel Gauge GB,LGG
Fuel Level Sender B,GB
(Windshield Wiper Motor Switch) (B,BG), (G,NLG,RLG,ULG) G,LGB,ULG,RLG,GK,GP
Wiper Motor (B,BG,G) or (NLG,RLG,ULG) G,ULG,NLG,RLG,B
Ignition Switch N,PK,W,WG,WR NW,Y,W,B
Ignition Coil W,WB
Distributor Contact Breaker WB
Fuel Pump B,W
Oil Pressure Gauge B,WN
Ignition Warning Lamp NB,NY
Speedometer B, RW
Coolant Temperature Gauge (B,GU)
(Coolant Temperature Sender) (GU) KG,KB
Reversing Lamp Switch G,GN G,GN
Reversing Lamps GN
(Driving/Fog Lamp Switch) (R,RY)
(Driving Lamp) (B, UY)
(Fog Lamp) (B,RY) B,U
Cigar Lighter/(Illumination) GK,(RW) G,B,(RB)
(Radio) (G,N) P,G,RB,PG,BW,BS
Instrument Panel Voltage Regulator G,LGG
Boot/Trunk Lamp Switch B,PW
Boot/Trunk Lamp P,PW
(Line Fuse to 32,36,37,57,67b)
(Line Fuse to 60)
(Line Fuse to 116 pre 67)
(Line Fuse to 196)
(Overdrive Solenoid) (YP)
(Overdrive Manual Switch) (W,Y)
(Overdrive Gear Switch) (YP,YR)
(Automatic transmission Illumination Lamp) (B, RW)
(Windscreen/shield Washer Pump) (G,LGB) B,LGB
(Auto Xmission Illumination Switch) (RW)
Tachometer W,W
(Courtesy or Map Lamp Switch) (RG,RP)
(Courtesy or Map Lamp) (P,RP)
(Heated Backlight Switch) (GT only) (GB,WB)
(Heated Backlight) (GT only) (GB,WB)
(Windscreen/shield Wash-Wipe Switch) (LGB,NLG,RLG,ULG)
(Automatic Xmission Safety Switch) (G,WR)
(Electrical Oil Pressure Sender) (WN)
(Heated Backlight Lamp) (GT only) (BG)
Hazard Warning Lamp LGP
Hazard Flasher Switch G,GR,GW,LGG,LGP P,G,GR,GW,LGW,B,RB,PN
Hazard Flasher Unit LGN,N PN,LGK,B
(Brake Pressure Warning Switch/Lamp) (BW,P)
(Brake Pressure Failure Switch) (BW,BW)
(Ignition Key Warning Buzzer) (PG,PK)
(Ignition Key Warning Door Switch ) (P,PG)
(RH Front Side Marker) (B,U)
(LH Front Side Marker) (B,U)
RH Rear Side Marker (B,U)
LH Rear Side marker (B,U)
(Starter Solenoid Relay ) (N,WN,WR)
(Running on Control Valve) (SP,SY)
(Running on Control Valve Switch) (SY)
(Driver Seat Belt Buckle Switch) (LGW,NR),(B,YN) B,BP
(Passenger Seat Belt Warning Switch) (B,LGW)
Passenger Seat Sensor NP,YG
(Gearbox Seat Belt Warning Switch) (LGW)
(Fasten Seat Belt Lamp) (NR)
(Blocking Diode) (NR,PG)
(Hand/Parking Brake Switch) (GO)
(Hand/Parking Brake Warning Light) (GO)
(Cigar Lighter Illumination) (RW) RB
(Heater Control Illumination) (B,RW)
(Heated Rear Window Relay) (B,G,P,WB)
Drivers Seat Sensor Switch (NP,YU)
Sequential Seat Belt Control Unit (B,G,NP, PG,YG,YK, YO,YP,YU)