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S2 Horn

This Should take about 2 hours max ( but leave time for 3 ).

  • Jack up and secure car.
  • Remove front undertray.
  • Remove Drivers side wheel.
  • Remove the right access panel, and fuse cover and remove horn fuse (7.5AMP)
Remove the Horn Fuse

  • Remove mudflap screws and pull mudflaps away to gain access to the old horn, there is a 8mm nut and two wires that you need to disconnect.
Removing of the mudflaps

  • Attach the new horn in place of the old horn.
The old horn

New Horn

  • You may need to drill a hole in the side, but there are lots there already, to make use of.
New Horn in Place

New Horn in Place

  • A Top Tip is put the tubing in hot water to help it fit over the connectors of the unit and horn ends.
  • Once new horn is fitted, fit a new 25AMP fuse inplace of the old 7.5AMP fuse you took out at the begining.
  • Test horn, Jobs a carrot

Horn From Eliseparts