Remove the rear undertray

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Time & Tools
Time: 10mins
Tools: 5mm Allen Key, 8mm Socket, Wrench

The rear undertray, or rear tray, needs to be removed for most jobs involving the exhaust system. It's a relatively simple job and can be done without needing to jack the car. There are in fact two rear undertrays (back and middle) which are bolted together (a third being the front undertray).


How is this different? It's not - use the same process as the S2.


The rear undertray is actually two trays bolted together. Although it is only the rearmost of the two trays that need to be removed, it is sometimes simpler to remove both together.

Just the rearmost tray

Bolt removal order

Recommended Removal order of the rear under tray bolts are: -

  1. Remove all the 'RED' doted bolts first, they are 8MM.
  2. Remove the 'GREEN' dotted bolt, also 8MM.
  3. Finally remove the 'BLUE' doted Allen bolts.
  4. Don't forget when you replace the tray that the back tray goes under the middle tray, not on top of.